Welcome to CaptainQuirks.com!

Have you ever flown with a Captain that insisted their way was the only way, when in fact they were the only Captain that did it that way? It can be bewildering to keep track of all the varying ways that different Captains insist on doing things. To make it worse, some Captains make it painful for FO's to learn their quirks the first few times flying together.

This is what inspired CaptainQuirks.com!

Before you fly with a new Captain, come here and read about their quirks, and then you can perform to their random standardization first time out of the box! Your Captain will love you for it!

If you're unfortunate enough to have flown with a Captain without the benefit of being forewarned here, please save your fellow FO's a lot of pain by listing the quirks that were unpleasant for you to learn the hard way!